Cute 3 Wheel Scooter from Japan, Honda Gyroscope and Gyro Canopy

By | January 3, 2021

The three-wheeled scooters that are widely used as transport and delivery vehicles, namely the Honda Gyroscope X and Gyro Canopy, are now environmentally friendly. The reason is that the scooter has been fitted with a catalyst converter which was released on September 22, 2018 in Japan

The Honda Gyroscope X and Gyro Canopy are actually the same platforms, it’s just that the Gyroscope X consists of 2 variants, namely the basic only with the front carrier and the standard version which is equipped with a front-rear carrier plus a windscreen. While the Gyro Canopy is complete with a wide windshield and roof.

The two three wheeler delivery cart models are equipped with a 50cc, SOHC, liquid cooled engine. The fuel induction is PGM-FI injection. Besides being equipped with a catalyst converter, the exhaust system is equipped with a gas control and an onboard exhaust gas diagnostic device to alert the user that the emissions are not environmentally friendly. This device will ensure that the exhaust gas of both models is guaranteed safe for the environment.

Meanwhile, the engine cover is now transparent to facilitate visual inspection of the driving condition. Both are equipped with aluminum rims and large drum brakes for the front and rear.

The Honda Gyroscope X is offered in two colors fighting red and Shasta white and is targeted to sell 2,500 units. Meanwhile, the Gyro Canopy is only offered in Shasta white and has a sales target of 3,400 units. This eco-friendly three-wheeled scooter is slated for release on September 22 in Japan.


Honda Gyro X Canopy 50cc Standard Japan

Seeing the shape, looks unique? Especially the front side with the placement of 2 lights on the right and left like a car and there is a canopy. This feature makes the rider safe when it rains, even though the side still gets splashed with water.

In Japan, the function of this glass is to dispel cold air. And just like in a car, this clear plastic glass is equipped with a wiper and washer. Then because of the delivery of goods, there is only 1 seat, while the back is the place of goods. And what Probike includes is equipped with a box from the Deli Box, looks like a refrigerator, and is covered in aluminum foil.


The sitting position is fairly comfortable, because of the soft seats and wide deck. The more comfortable sitting because there is aback. So it’s really relaxing, not to mention the wind from the front to the heat from above.

Handling remains nimble like a scooter because the linkage on the hind legs makes it flexible. Another good thing is that you use dual rear tires and are 130 / 70-8 wide, you don’t need to be afraid to maneuver because the tire grip is maximal.

Only when bulldozing the uneven road, the shocks were quite pronounced, especially while cornering because the body was shaking. Maybe also because during the experiment the goods transported were too light.


Honda Gyro X 50cc Standard Japan

The excellent feature is of course the box from the Deli Box, the volume is quite large. As an illustration, trying to transport the usual Taichi bag to carry racing wearpacks, then adding 2 boxes of shoes, it still leaves a lot of space.

The technology in the engine is quite modern, like today’s Honda scooters in general. Although only 49 cc, the cylinder head has 4 valves and is cooled by a radiator, and uses an ACG starter. Supply of PGM-FI injection gasoline and CVT transmission.

From the side of the legs, the unique part of the back is because it uses linkage. So when cornering the body can tilt, but the two rear wheels remain flat, resulting in maximum traction. But when it stops, it can still collapse, that’s why there is a kind of bearing on the outermost side to protect the motor body.

And so that when parking can stand upright, the rear wheel has a lock. Just pull the parking lock on the handlebars upwards, then the Gyro will lock. The lock can be upright or tilted, and you don’t have to worry about falling over.


With the engine only 49 cc, then don’t expect too much with the acceleration, it is very slow! Understandably, the maximum power is only 4.5 hp must carry the weight of 139 kg. Even when the gas opening starts, there will be a new pause then the engine speed increases and the speed will slowly increase. For transporting goods, 40 km/hour feels too tight.


Interested in asking for her hand? Only one unit left. “The price is around Rp. 80 million,” explained Hendrik, the friendly owner of Probike.


Wheelbase: 1,410 m Ground clearance: 85 mm Weight: 139 kg Turning radius: 2 m Engine type: TA03E Engine capacity: 49 cc Bore × stroke: 38 × 44 mm Compression ratio: 12: 1 Power: 4.5 hp / 7,500 rpm Torque: 4.4 Nm / 7,000 rpm Fuel supply: injection PGM-FI Tank capacity: 6.8 liters Transmission: V-matic Front tire: 100 / 100-12 62J Rear tire: 130 / 70-8 42L Front suspension system : Bottom-link Rear suspension system: Swing arm

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