Mask vs Face Shield, Which one do you Choose to Protect from Corona Virus (Covid 19) ?

By | October 1, 2020

After masks, now many people sell face shields as face shields to prevent corona virus infection (COVID-19).

The face shield trend develops along with the discourse of a new normal. Face shields are complementary to protection from COVID-19 after masks and hand sanitizers. Face shield is a face shield similar to a shield made of plastic / mica.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Masks and Face shields

Health Face Shield

The advantages and disadvantages of masks to prevent corona Launching Health (28/5/2020), masks are appropriate to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE) when we have to do activities outside the home.

Masks can block droplet particles (splashes of fluid from the respiratory tract), which contain germs including the corona virus, when someone talks, breathes, coughs and has a cold.

The mask can also seal all the sides and bottom of the face area to provide protection for the mouth and nose from germs.

These various benefits can be obtained provided that masks are used in the right way.

So far, some people use masks carelessly. For example, you still often hold your face, the mask does not cover your nose tightly, until the mask is only worn on the chin.

If not used properly, the effectiveness of masks to protect someone from exposure to germs such as the corona virus decreases.

Masks also do not protect the eye area, one of the entry points for disease, so they still need additional protection such as glasses.

One other disadvantage of masks is that they are difficult to use for communication for people who rely on mouth reading.

This condition can make people close together and neglect to maintain a safe distance of at least two meters from other people.

The advantages and disadvantages of a face shield to prevent corona

As reported by the New York Times (24/5/2020), a face shield is considered to provide protection for the eye, nose and mouth area.

A cough simulation study in 2014 proved that face shields can protect users from exposure to the virus by up to 96%, when used within half a meter from a coughing person. Other advantages of the face shield are :

Unlike masks, face shields also tend to be practical to use and have minimal gaps in how to use them.
Regarding sterilization, the face shield can be disinfected anywhere. So people don’t have to bother carrying several face shields when they are outside the house.
Face shields are also considered more friendly to deaf people who rely on mouth reading to communicate because they are made of transparent material.
In addition, with its advantages in terms of communication, face shields can support maintaining a safe distance. Everyone can communicate without needing to be close together.
However, the face shield also has disadvantages, namely:

It is considered weak in terms of security because germs still have gaps to enter on the sides and bottom.
Studies related to the effectiveness of using a face shield to protect yourself from exposure to the corona virus according to evidence are not yet available.
If you have to choose between a mask or a face shield when you are out in public, some experts have the answer.

Infection prevention specialist from St. Petersburg. Joseph Hospital and Mission Hospital California USA, answered that people are obliged to wear masks when they are outside the home.

“Choose a mask to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus, especially for people without symptoms,” he said.

According to Baliley, the face shield is more intended as PPE for health workers.

This is because the community is generally not exposed to close contact with high-risk patients. People who are still able to keep a safe distance of at least two meters outside the house, just use a mask.

Bruce Polsky, MD, a specialist in infectious diseases from NYU Winthrop Hospital, MD, also said that face shields are used by medical personnel as extra protection besides masks.

“Face shield is not a substitute for masks, but extra protection from disease contamination,” explained Polsky.

According to Polsky, face shields are very important for health workers to reduce the risk of spreading disease when they have to handle infectious disease patients at close range.
However, people are welcome to wear a face shield as extra protection when doing activities outside the home.

As long as you remain aware of prioritizing this PPE for health workers who need it more.

In addition, people are also asked to stay at home as much as possible, maintain a safe distance of at least two meters when outside the house, maintain body immunity, and diligently clean their hands.

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