Riding T Rex 3 Wheel Motorcycle for Unusual Riding Experience

By | January 3, 2021

T Rex motorcycle is a three-wheeled motorcycle with two seats made by Campagna Corporation; the company is based in Quebec Canada and already creating the three-wheeled motorcycle since the early 1990’s. The vehicle is classified as a motorcycle with two seats in the cabin to accommodate the driver and a passenger; the two seats setup is side by side unlike the common motorcycles. The design made the T Rex driver and passenger can have the motorcycle riding experience similar to the car driving experience. It may require several adjustments for motorcycle rider to drive the T Rex motorcycle due to the three-wheel design that resembles the design of a car.

The three-wheeled cycle-car is having adjustable seats to bring more comfort for the driver and the passenger; it uses foot pedal box and hand-controlled manual transmission that resembles the transmission of a motorcycle. The name T Rex emerged due to the first front side design was designed based on the T Rex’s head appearance. The development of this three-wheeled motorcycle is creating various design and also specification based on the basic design of the first T Rex. The basic idea of creating T Rex motorcycle is actually unexplainable until this moment. Some might say that this three-wheeled motorcycle is intended for the rider or drive who want to ride a motorcycle, but does not want to learn how to ride a motorcycle or does not have the license to ride a motorcycle.

Riding or driving the T Rex motorcycle is an experience that combines the feeling of riding a motorcycle as a car driver. The 2014 T Rex 16-S is using the drive train acquired from the BMW 16000cc motorcycle engine with 6 cylinders that can deliver 160 HP. It is one of the reasons that made the riding experience is more likely a car driving experience with smaller-sized car-like vehicle. The driver is practically exposed like a motorcycle rider, but sitting and steering like a car driver.

The conventional motorcycle rider may require several adjustments when riding the T Rex motorcylce due to its setup, width as well as steering behavior. It is recommended that anyone who wanted to ride the three-wheeled motorcycle to have basic riding course for three-wheeled vehicles. The training and education course for riding the three-wheeled motorcycle is available; it is recommended to take the entry level for any rider who want to ride the T Rex safely which is a three-wheels and three-tracks motorcycle.

Riding the 3 Wheel Motorcycle Experience


There are popular and common vehicles like motorcycle and car that commonly found in the street, but there are some vehicles that eventually made with the idea of combining the two-wheeled single tracked motorcycle and four-wheeled double tracked car to create the three-wheeled three tracked vehicle like the 3 wheel motorcycle made by Campagna. The Quebec, Canada based vehicle manufacturer was founded by Daniel Campagna who devoted his life in designing the three-wheeled cycle-car. The first prototype was introduced in early 1994; it requires 8 years for Daniel Campagna to design and personally craft the T Rex with his hand to deliver the first prototype.

The former Formula One driver was likely to be interested in creating a motorcycle that can deliver car driving experience; the three-wheeled three tracked cycle-car is eventually being his choice. The first T Rex motorcycle is a 3 wheel motorcycle with the front cover design made based on the T Rex’s head appearance. The design is practically a combination of car seating and cabin design with exposed side to deliver the motorcycle riding experience. It is an unusual design that made T Rex or other three-wheeled motorcycle offering the combination of motorcycle riding and car driving experience.

Some might say that the three-wheeled vehicles are made based on two main reasons; fun and poverty. The 3 wheel motorcycle like Campagna’s T Rex is apparently made based on the first reason to deliver fun for the driver and also the passenger. It is a motorcycle made for eccentric fun; the driver eventually can get away from the regulation of driving a motorcycle without the motorcycle riding license and also without wearing helmet in California due to the Byzantine DMV rules. T Rex is in the motorcycle classification rather than in the car section.

The basic idea of the T Rex Campagna 3 wheel motorcycle is putting the skeleton of a T Rex in front of a motorcycle to provide the cover for the rider. The practically open interior of the cabin intended to deliver better comfort for the driver and the passenger although there is no door to provide the cover from the exterior environment. It is also offering aerodynamic solution when the three-wheeled motorcycle is in higher speed. The driver’s cockpit is practically a car seat with motorcycle parts since the gearshift is like a normal motorcycle, but the clutch is on the floor pedal like a car’s clutch pedal.

How to Ride a 3 Wheel Motorcycle Tips


The 3 wheel motorcycle is quite uncommon vehicle; it is practically a combination of 2 wheel motorcycle with the 4 wheel car. The 3 wheel motorcycle is having 3 tracks to make it different for a motorcycle with side cart. It is one of the reasons that driving or riding the 3 wheel motorcycle is requiring different riding or driving approach from the conventional 2 wheel motorcycle as well as from the 4 wheel car. There are basic skill related to the tips and tricks on how to ride a 3 wheel motorcycle that anyone should know. One of the most important things is to understand the construction of the 3 wheel motorcycle in order to adjust the driving or riding style.

Most of the 3 wheel motorcycle designs are having the nearly similar width of a small car; it may require car driving sense to properly ride or drive the 3 wheel motorcycle. Having the car driving sense is one of the how to ride a 3 wheel motorcycle tips due to the similar width and size of the 3 wheel motorcycle with a car. One of the important safety tips in riding the 3 wheel motorcycle is never put the feet down since the vehicle is having 3 wheels that will prevent it from tipping over. The mouse trap risk is lurking when the rider is putting the feet down while the 3 wheel motorcycle is going; having the foot stuck under the vehicle is never a pleasant experience.

Another tip on how to ride a 3 wheel motorcycle safely is the need to adapt with the steering and controlling setup of the vehicle. The 3 wheel motorcycle like Campagna T Rex is using a car’s steering wheel and clutch and throttle pedal as well as having gear shifter like a car, but in a motorcycle’s shifting setup with 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 since it is using a motorcycle’s gearbox.

Safety and comfort are the other important tips on how to ride a 3 wheel motorcycle safely and comfortably. The height of the seat is an important matter that will affect the ideal driving style. The fact that the seat is practically low and sometimes at the same level of the other vehicle’s exhaust made the driver should find the ideal position to stop behind the other vehicles. Safety belt is available to provide protection for the driver and passenger; it is also recommended to wear helmet to provide more protection.

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